LadyBoss Social Club believes in sharing a variety of perspectives from our global community. We're gathering diverse, creative contributors to lend their voice to important conversations.

We are seeking guest authors to contribute to our blog. Our contributors are overflowing with ideas to improve the world we live in, to share their unique perspective, to make people smile, and to spotlight important topics that need to be addressed.

Does this sound like you? Read more details below & send us your pitch!



What we are looking for

  • All work must be original content.
    • (Must not have been published elsewhere.)
  • Topics may include anything that would be interesting to a #LadyBoss.
    • Our definition of a LadyBoss is a lady building her own empire... whether that's a business, a career, or a legacy all her own!
  • Interesting stories, unique perspectives, expert advice, hard-earned lessons, spotlights on important causes, and thoughtful voices that need to be amplified and added to the global conversation.
  • Articles must be value-based and not promotional.

Need more guidance? Send us your pitch, and we'll give you feedback on which of your ideas interest us.



What you get in return

  • You would be given a byline which can feature a link to your website or social media profile.
  • We will be featuring all guest blogs in our monthly member newsletter + on our Facebook page.
    • We have an audience of over 26,000 people – and growing daily!
  • We may also share the blog posts on our Instagram as well as our Founder's other Facebook pages, which would bring the combined audience to over 74,000 women & men around the world.
  • We do not pay authors for guest posts, and we do not require any payment from you.



Guest Posting Guidelines

  • You do NOT have to be a woman to contribute as a guest blogger!
    • We love supporting ANYONE who uplifts & empowers women and girls.
  • We require original content.
    • If we publish your article, we encourage you to share your post on your own website & social channels (for example, you can post a summary on your blog and link to the full post on our site, which will then link back to your website/social media).
  • No limit on article length, but posts must be at least 300+ words.
    • We prefer articles between 600-2,000 words.
  • Our editors have the right (and the responsibility) to edit your article submission. You will be made aware of any changes prior to publication.
    • We will not change anything significant, but your post will be edited to ensure clarity as well as proper grammar, spelling, verb tense, punctuation, capitalization, and formatting.



Submission Checklist

Do not submit finished articles prior to our acceptance.

If we accept your pitch, we will contact you to confirm details and to confirm you agree to our terms. Accepted articles must include the following:

  • Title (headline)
  • Subtitle
  • Featured image
    • You must have the rights to use the image. If this is not possible, we can assist in securing a featured image.


  • Make sure the article you create is original work and does not include plagiarized content or infringe on copyright.
  • We prefer when contributors can contribute multiple images to include within the article.
    • Our design team may also chand-select or create additional images.
  • Do not include links to your own content within the body of the article.
  • Do not include any links that may be considered promotional or appear to endorse a third party.
  • Use sources wisely. Rely on primary sources whenever possible.
    • If you quote someone or cite a statistic, be sure to link to your source.



How to send us your ideas

If you're interested in becoming a contributor, please send us your pitch via email with the following information:

  • 3-5 ideas for specific topics. Include a headline and clear description of each pitch.
  • If this is your first pitch to LadyBoss Social Club, be sure to include a brief bio including relevant experience.
  • If possible, include 1-2 existing writing samples or links to your published stories.
  • Do not submit finished articles prior to our acceptance.

Send this information to:

If we want to pursue your pitch, we’ll be in touch! (Please be patient. We receive a high number of pitches each week, and we do our best to respond to all pitches as soon as possible.)