Interested in helping us make a difference?

Our sponsorship program allows us to multiply our impact in our local and global communities. With the help of generous sponsors, we are able to raise awareness and funds for causes that matter.

We believe in the ethos of For-Profits For Progress™ so we contribute a portion of all profits toward programs that enable progress for all.

Sponsorships allow us to increase that amount exponentially.

We believe in sharing our gifts, our resources, our money, and our efforts for the greater good. And we believe in using our privilege to lift others up to their full potential in this lifetime. Will you help us?

Sponsors enable us to create:

  • Free resources
  • Special events
  • Community programs
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Educational materials
  • Charitable contributions

What do you believe in? Let our team design an event around your sponsorship budget to raise awareness and funds for a specific cause or charity.

Click here to apply to become a sponsor.

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