Rise of the LadyBoss

By Ellen Coule, Founder of LadyBoss Social Club


Step into the light.

Yes, you.

Come closer now. I have something to tell you.


Your sisters have been gathering.

We’ve been coming together for ages.

Dreaming and scheming of what could be.

Releasing the stories that were written by those who came before us.

Writing into existence the history we will create for ourselves.


Your sisters have been gathering.

We’ve been refusing each other’s excuses.

Breaking each other’s self-imposed limitations.

Building each other’s endurance for the long fight ahead.

Lifting a mirror to each other’s innate strengths. Reflecting each other’s immutable worth.


Your sisters have been gathering.

We’ve been plotting our rebellion.

Planning our takeover.

Strategizing a steadfast climb to our rightful place.

Outfitting our army with the tools needed for success.


Now is the time for you to join us in arms.

We know you’ve been training for this, too.

We know you see the visions in your mind of what the world will be when we all step up.

We know you’re ready for it.

We know you know these simple facts: There is no alternative. This is how it has to be. The time is now. You must step into your full power. The world depends on you.


Because you were made for this revolution.

You have been preparing your whole life for this.

You are an integral part in the ultimate plan for total world domination.

We need you, with your unique gifts and your magical powers.

Will you heed the call?


I knew you would. You are here for this. And we are so grateful for your commitment to the cause.

This journey forward may not be easy. But it will be worth it.

We will stand together, arm in arm, fighting for each other and for the future of our planet.

Every day will look different. But, every day, we will renew our commitment to growth, development, and a better world for all.


An important part of our journey together will be sharing our stories with each other.

So we can all benefit from the experiences and the wisdom of our sisters and brothers.

Without the treasure chest of knowledge that is every single one of us, how would we learn and fix all that’s broken?


The editorials we will share here are designed to address that very issue.

Every story, every article, every piece of writing is intended to help us all on our journey toward ultimate victory.

While the themes will vary and the topics will span many genres, every post published here is written with the intention of arming you with knowledge, tools, techniques, and stories that will propel you further toward your goals.

Because your goals are our goals. Your success is everyone’s success. We need you to win. That’s how we all win.


Today, I invite you to join our cause and our community.

Become a member of LadyBoss Social Club to stay connected with us. You’ll be joining a network of inspiring, supportive humans who want you to succeed. We’ll encourage you to engage, connect you with amazing people around the world, share learning experiences, and facilitate opportunities for you to collaborate with incredible humans, so that vision in your head becomes your reality. Our reality.


This is the rise of the LadyBoss.

Come, gather with your sisters.

Let’s rise together.


Photo by sören sandbothe on Unsplash

Ellen Coule is the Founder of LadyBoss Social Club, a charity-focused empowerment community. Her passion and purpose in life is to empower others to co-create the change we wish to see in the world. Ellen believes that we are stronger together and that, through connection and collaboration with ourselves and our communities, our success is inevitable. Learn more about LadyBoss Social Club on our About Us page.

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    1. Thank you for gathering with me, sister. You are a leader for this movement!

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