Live Your Passion to Reach Your Full Potential

By Anza Goodbar


Everyone has their own unique set of gifts and talents. However, many don’t automatically see what others see in them. Discovering your passion will help you live out your divine purpose and make an impact on the world. Whether you’re seeking your ideal job, wanting to be an amazing parent or starting a business, you have a brilliance that is all your own.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom and nurture a family, but what I didn’t know until much later in life, was how I wanted to impact the world. I floated from one career to another trying to find what made my life feel whole. I knew I was good at creating systems, staying organized and planning events, but none of those things were life-altering. I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to inspire, and I wanted to transform lives, but I didn’t know what that looked like from a career standpoint.

In 2009, I started an online virtual services business. I catered to small business owners and entrepreneurs. I enjoyed helping design the systems they needed to create a business that supported their lifestyle but didn’t run their lives, however it still wasn’t speaking to my sweet spot. I continued to dig deeper into what would bring ultimate satisfaction, then all of a sudden, I began attracting coaches into my business. A long-awaited ‘a-ha’ moment happened. All at once, I had clarity. I could use my natural giftedness to help women transform their lives by tapping into their passions and living out their purpose.

Knowing the what and the how are not always as apparent as we might expect them to be. Be curious and open-minded as you embark on this journey of self-discovery. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions to discover your passion:


What gets you fired up?

One simple way to find your passion is to make a list of all of the things you love to do. What activities or tasks give you energy? What experiences fuel the flames to your desires? Finding answers to these questions will help paint a picture of the things in life that make you happy. Be sure to include all of the things that bring you joy, like travel, food, music, and hobbies.


What comes easy for you?

In another column include all of the things you naturally do effortlessly. Take inventory of all of your strengths. Having an accurate accounting of skills in your brilliance zone will help you see patterns in what makes your life work well.


Are you right brained or left brained?

Each hemisphere of your brain determines how you process information. Are you logical and good at math like an accountant or are you free-spirited like an artist? Key into how you like to take in and give out information. These clues will help you tap into your natural bent.


What causes are important to you?

Define your core values. Make a list of causes that are in alignment with your values. What captures your attention more, the environment, animals, education or women’s rights? Identifying how you want to impact the world will help you live out your mission.


Who do you want to become?

Creating a path for who you want to be and how you want to impact the world will help you live out your purpose. An honest assessment of where you are and where you want to be will help you chart a course of action.


Passion and purpose are closely knit together. One feeds into the other when it comes to reaching your full potential. If you are still struggling to find your passion, ask a friend or family member to answer the questions above to provide additional insights.

If you’re still at a loss, try taking some personality, gift, or career assessments to get a better idea of what interests you. Plugging into your passion can sometimes feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the end pieces. Be persistent in your pursuit and all of the pieces will come together and create a masterpiece.


Anza Goodbar is a coach, trainer and speaker who is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs kick ass in their lives and business so they can experience a wildly happy life. She lives in Denver and loves hiking, hanging with her family, and ballroom dancing. Connect with her on Instagram at @anzagoodbar for more intentional living strategies.


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