How to Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

By Jeannette Bridoux


This is a deep one for me.


I think the only way that I can honestly tell you how to discover your soul’s purpose is telling you how I discovered mine.


So here it goes…


Last year I went through a lot of change.


  1. I finally quit my unfulfilling full-time job to focus on growing my company and doing what I loved.


  1. My 3-year relationship with my long-distance boyfriend ended.


  1. I left my Chicago apartment to travel and live a digital nomad lifestyle.


With all these major changes came a lot of growth and introspect.


Especially after my break up.


My ex-boyfriend, now friend, had been my support system for the past 3 years…


So when I didn’t have him I only had myself and that was scary!


I felt so alone.

So lost.

So confused.


As much as I thought I had it together this whole time, I didn’t.


I knew I had some serious digging to do to figure out what is was I really wanted out of life.


So I started with daily meditation and prayer.


I knew I had to face my emotional issues head-on.


But I haven’t always been this courageous.


My old self would have resorted to a night out drinking (or a few) with my girlfriends, or finding some guy on Tinder to try and fill the void in my heart.


But at this point in my life, I had already overcome serious depression and know short-term pleasures are only band-aids to our deeper emotional pain.


So I started to dig.


This required a lot of alone time.


I knew if I was going to have an awakening I couldn’t have other distracting my process or weighing in their opinions about my life.


This may sound stubborn, but as someone’s who’s been there, there’s no one in the world who knows you better than yourself.


I realized I had to stop looking to the world and things to discover my inner happiness.


I had to look within.


So Instead of asking other people..


What should I do now?

What should I do with my career?

What’s wrong with me?


I asked myself more important questions.


  • Is what I’m doing really make me happy?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What do I really want?


And I didn’t always have the answer but I kept showing up for myself.


I wasn’t going to brush off my feelings and emotions, I was going to honor myself by listening to them.


And through many sessions, I realized what I was put on this earth to do.


And it surprisingly wasn’t Instagram…


I realized I wanted to empower people with emotional wellness to overcome whatever is blocking them in life.


And man was this scary.


I was like “whoa, you mean I just quit my full-time job to grow my Instagram Growth and Marketing company and I think I want to be some sort of life coach?”


A total 360 for me.


So I had to meditate on that!


Note: This isn’t easy stuff, but when you discover your purpose,  you’re invoking on a much more fulfilling path.


So here I am writing self-development articles a year later in hopes that women discover their inner purpose to live a more fulfilling meaningful life.


So enough about me….how do YOU discover your soul’s purpose? Let’s recap!


  1. Spend alone time with you


Block out distractions like television, texting, calls, computer – everything. Just you and your thoughts in silence.


  1.  Listen to yourself


No one can tell you what you want.

No one can tell you what you need.

No one can tell you who you are from the inner depths of your soul.


Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing people who will guide you along the way, but at the end of the day – you have to make your life decisions.


So when you listen to yourself you learn more about you, your wants and needs..even if they don’t always match up with the world expectations.


“I think someday I’ll get bored with him.”


Yep. I thought that about my ex boyfriend and instead of listening to myself, taking ownership of my needs and wants, I ignored it because I was in love.


I wanted to hold onto something good for a shorter period of time rather than feel the bit of pain now to experience something greater in the future.


Even Though this comfort is tempting, growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone.  


  1. Continue to show up for yourself


Sometimes our inside voice doesn’t always have the answer.


One day we want to move to Bali to become a yoga teacher, the next, we want to live in NY to start a tech company.


However, if the same thoughts keeps coming up, meditate on them and unpackage what it really means for you.


The thing about your purpose, is that it takes time to be awaken to it. Meditating once and not having an epiphany is totally normal.


Keep showing up and exploring the depths of your beautiful soul. You will be amazed at what you find.


In closing…


By turning inward to discover your soul’s purpose, you’re choosing to value your own opinion of self rather than the external world who has only seen a tiny sliver of your life’s experiences that make you who you are.


Trust me, you know best, but you’ve got to listen to your heart and be courageous enough to accept and love what you find.


All my love and support,


Jeannette x


Jeannette Bridoux is an Entrepreneur, Instagram Marketer & Personal Brand Coach.  She lives the digital nomad life while working from her MacBook. She’s an advocate for mental & emotional health awareness. Follow her journey @marketingbride on Instagram.


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