6 Instagram Poets to Inspire the LadyBoss

By Meghan Corneal


Have you ever noticed the way poetry flows into your body? Not only the words but the beat of it – the verse – it grabs you. With or without the presence of sound, a poem is a heaping serving of soul speak.  


A black sheep among other creative mediums, poetry likes to go against the grain. Despite its divinely feminine form, the truth is that poetry is born from grit. Because feminine no longer means dainty.


It’s brave and spirited – like the entrepreneur. Like you, Ladyboss.


Poetry is a powerful tool for women to infuse into their daily lives. It will inspire, inform, challenge, motivate, express, and evoke things both inside and outside of you.


Whether you choose to read them or write them (or both), poems are thought-provoking snippets for a well-read Ladyboss. Social media has created unprecedented access outside of traditional literary networks. So you need not look any further than your Instagram feed to find established and aspiring poets alike sharing their wordsmith-ed creations.


Here are a few of my favorite:


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Komal Kapoor


Instagram: @komalesque

Her micro-poetry is where you turn to when you want inspiring words of self-love. Sure, she may mean romantic love, but I like to think we can use her poetry in reminding ourselves of what we are capable of when we love ourselves deeply.  

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C. Churchill


Instagram: @cc_writes

She pens swift words that spread across your screen with a wild rawness. Her words stir a desire to mimic a life rampant with animalistic and goddess qualities – spreading your wings; climbing towards the sky; tending carefully the seeds you sow; and howling your dreams at the moon.  

Harnidh Kaur


Instagram: @harnidhk

Harnidh is a self-proclaimed raging feminist. One can turn to her poetry when you want to capsule the small and big shifts of life in words. Her inspiring prose embodies the womanly art of making gold from the messy – because that’s what women do.  

Yasmine Cheyenne


Instagram: @yasminecheyenne

Speaker of truth – this is her decree. Yasmine’s words aim to pierce you in the way you remember saying them to yourself at some point (though not as eloquently). She reminds you of those necessary daily doses: to take care of yourself, trust yourself, give yourself creative space (and grace), and to embrace and release fear.

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Nikita Gill


Instagram: @nikita_gill

Poetic real self-talk is delivered by Nikita. Her words make you remember the primal fierceness that lives inside all women – and that we can still channel it. Wild women we are – descendants of goddesses, witches, warriors, and the Great Mother – her select writings will drive you to pick yourself up in any moment of self-doubt and battlecry, for you are strong and brave.   

Lauren Eden


Instagram: @ofyesteryear

Lauren writes about what it’s like to be a woman in this patriarchal world; that hurting state men can put on us. While her poetry acknowledges those thoughts, it also shows us how to turn those thoughts into a shift in the power dynamic. Reminding us that we need ourselves first.




Meghan Corneal is a soul doula, writer, and mama to two sweet, tiny boys. She is always seeking out indie bookshops (with a good cup of coffee) and planning some kind of adventure that will lead her to a good story. Passionate about empowering women to create thriving and resilient lives, she helps them navigate their journey to discover and reclaim their true self, rewrite their story, and live a life aligned with their soul’s purpose.
Check out her literary musings and soul doula services on her website or on Instagram @meghancorneal

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